hey cutie wanna get some coffee and discuss ur mario headcanons with me


Why is it always ‘queer people are projecting their identities onto characters’ and never ‘straight people are presuming that their identity is the default’?

i cant find my glasses i have two pairs how does this happen

Birthday summary 2014

Had a really great birthday this year so I’m gonna talk about it

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Drew this fricker and then the rest of Team Bleck began to appear around him u_u; They’re not done yet but I like how Dimentio came out on his own.
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thank you thank you thank you<3
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scifiromancemachine sent: Happy birthday! C: I hope you had a really wonderful day today!

thank you so much sh1n1!


Happy birthday dimentio! ♥ Plant isn’t that tall in reality…
Now that we’re the same age we have to duel, you know. Or I guess I can just buy you coffee like I said I would.

DREAAAA THANK YOU SO MUCH!! omg barrier bots… this is so gorgeous rrhfgndfbnggngn
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