im braiding chaaaars muuullletttt


White Axl by ultimatemaverickx
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i don’t care if you think it’s “improper first date attire” this suit of armor is enchanted and i’m wearing it


Diancie pokedoll comes out July 19th, the same day as the Pokemon summer movie!
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Anonymous sent: what if someone had a crush on you but was too shy to tell you. like. would it be best of them to tell you or keep it for themselves...

Is this hypothetical or do u have a confession 2 make anon

Personally I’ve always been the kind of person to tell someone when I have feelings for them even in cases where I didn’t think anything would come of it. It hasn’t always gone in my favor but It’s worked out better than expected for me, too! Everything is kind of situational, I think.


I forgot how great it feels to be me!
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Kirby is the only person who hasn’t let me down

Best Buy employee as I was buying Kirby Triple Deluxe (via coughmanic) —