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No, friendship is NOT about “supporting your friends even when you know they’re wrong.”

That’s not friendship. That’s being an enabler. That’s being an accomplice.

Friendship is loving someone enough to tell them to stop being a goddamn idiot before they ruin their lives.

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The wizards outfit makes me want to play dragon age~

They look greaaaaat!! Thank you so much again
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sleep well
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trying to forget a horrible memory like


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I’m working with some friends on a creative project for the first time in literal years and it feels really good! I forgot to study for the past 2 weeks though ahhaha not enough time in the day


Thanks to those of you who showed up at the stream! Shadow and Metal were requests done during it.
I’ll have another stream later this week, possibly tomorrow, in case anyone who couldn’t come this time around would like to.

On one hand I really like when characters all have individual/specific preferences because it makes them all feel more believable and thought out, but on the other I suddenly feel really limited with what sort of character I can play in DAI


that one clown everybody hates  ABSOLUTELY LOVES
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